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Grow your business successfully with keen insights

Sharp insights are essential to any successful IT project.

As a business analyst, I go to the core and offer keen insights.

With my Business Analysis as a Service (BaaS) approach, I help to effectively improve your organization, products and processes.

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10+ years of experience with IT projects

Some of my clients:

What others say:

"Mellius is enthusiastic, takes initiative and thinks proactively. He has good analytical skills, he makes connections and can oversee consequences well. He is broadly applicable within various projects"

Sonja van den Brink, Project Manager, Nationale Nederlanden

 "Mellius can work well at all levels. He adds value at strategic , tactical and operational levels. He always delivers high quality. I have deep respect for how he has performed. He gets things done!"

Micha Meulman, Principal Detecting Financial Crime,


"Mellius masters subject matter quickly and he understands the client's needs. He has a good memory, is sharp, asks the right questions andthinks 2 steps ahead. He is a very pleasant person I have enjoyed working with for over 1.5 years."

Raymond Hankart, Sr. Internet Marketer / Product Owner,Sight Advisors

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Dear entrepreneur or executive, do you recognize this?

Your business is stalled by delaying the right choices

You don't have the time, capacity or expertise as a leader to keep your organization healthy or grow.

A core task of business owners and administrators is to make choices.

But you aremostly concerned with "putting out fires" and the short term.

Digital change projects lag and are much more expensive than expected.

Drafted requirements are no longer relevant and documentation is out of order.

Mistakes pile up: now is the time for action

If you don't take action now to address this then it makes your organization very vulnerable.

I go to the core and offer you keen insights.

I am known for asking good questions, communicating persuasively and understanding what is involved in a digital change project.

I was intensively involved in 20+ change projects, always from a content perspective and at the intersection of business and IT.

I challenge you to redefine your organization, products and processes so that they improve effectively and with lasting value.

Together we will look at where the biggest gains can be made for you.

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I am Mellius Brouwer

My mission is to challenge companies to resourcefully and creatively redefine their organization, products and processes so that theyimprove effectively and with lasting value.

Itransform businesses so that they improve effectively. By providing keen insights, I encourage action and ensure meaningful, lasting progress.

I find business analysis to be the best profession there is: always in the middle of change, varied and with a great impact on a successful implementation.

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Business Analysis as a Service

I call this the BaaS approach

Sharp insights that help you and your team with change projects: a results-oriented approach where added value for your business is key.

Difficult to make ideas concrete?

In the Master of priority workshop , we go from abstract to concrete in one part of the day. From A to C.

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 Selecting the right IT vendor for your business?

With the Master in IT guidance, we provide a high-quality Proof of Concept (PoC) with the IT vendor.

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Articles on the power of business analysis. The power of sharp insights.

Added Value of Business Analysis

Dec 11, 2023

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